Dr. Stephen B. Towns


From: Chicago, IL to Indianapolis

Education: DDS and Graduate Periodontology Residency from University of Illinois, Chicago

Interests: Cooking, History, Powerlifting

Fun Fact: represented Grandfather, Fritz Pollard who was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, posthumously

Kids/Pets: Dog – Clyde and grand-dog – Cooper

Dr. Jeanette Sabir-Holloway

Dentist, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, Tufts University School of Dental

From: Tuskegee, AL to Indianapolis

Education: Spelman BS, Indiana University School of Dentistry -DDS

Interests: Sudoku, Word Puzzles, Listening to music

Fun Fact: Created Increasing Diversity in Dentistry Mentoring program

Kids/Pets: Granddaughter- Zora

Dr. Brandon A. Gordon


From: Marietta, Georgia

Education: BS Morehouse College, DDS and Graduate Prosthodontics Residency Program from University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Interests: Golf, motorcycles and DIY projects

Fun Fact: Follows moto GP and occasionally races his motorcycle on the track!

Dr. Robert E. Stokes


From: North Carolina to Indianapolis

Education: BS North Carolina A&T State University, DDS Indiana University School of Dentistry

Interests: Learning new cooking skills, visiting with family and friends

Fun Fact: 2nd and 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Chemical Corps from 1965-1967

Kids/Pets: Three grandchildren

Dr. Jeffery A. Roberts


From: Indianapolis

Education: DDS, Indiana University School of Dentistry. MSD, Certificate of Orthodontics from the University of the Pacific

Interests: Fishing, hiking, snow skiing

Brigitte Mills

Director of Guest Experience and Business Affairs

From: Tuskegee AL to Indianapolis

Education: BS, Purdue University

Interests: Gardening, shopping, traveling

Fun Fact: Despises green peas, loves dancing and listening to old school, “basement party” music

Kids/Pets: daughters – Ashley and Brianna

Teela Thompson

Treatment Coordinator and Assistant Guest Relations

From: Indianapolis

Education: Graduated from Scecina High School and took some college courses

Interests: Painting, singing, sports

Fun Fact: She is a professional figure bodybuilder

Halley Best

Guests Services Coordinator

From: Angola, IN

Education: Bachelors in Professional Writing from IUPUI

Interests: Cooking, True Crime, animals and singing

Fun Fact: She has an older sibling who lives in Thailand

Kids/Pets: Dog named Tony, Cat named Morgan

Lindsey Billing

Licensed Dental Hygienist – Oral Health Manager

From: Anderson, Indiana to Indianapolis

Education: Bachelors of Public Health Dental Hygiene, Indiana University School of Dentistry. Masters of Education from WGU Indiana.

Interests: Traveling, yoga, snowboarding, anything outside!

Fun Fact: Has a twin sister and also teaches dental hygiene students at Indiana University School of Dentistry

Kids/Pets: Cat named Bear

Lauren Klei

Licensed Dental Hygienist

From: Brookville, Indiana

Education: Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene from Indiana University School of Dentistry

Interests: Tennis, coffee enthusiast, traveling

Fun Fact: Lauren grew up on a farm

Kids/Pets: Dog named Remy

Isabella Young

Licensed Dental Hygienist

From: Elmhurst, Illinois

Education: Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene from Indiana University School of Dentistry

Interests: Cooking, traveling, indoor rock climbing, going to concerts/festivals, and spending time with her partner, Derek

Fun Fact: Isabella was a dental hygiene student of Lindsey’s at Indiana University School of Dentistry!

Kids/Pets: 2 cats, Dill Pickle (Dilly), and Paloma

Steven Boyd

Dental Assistant, Care Coordinator

From: Indianapolis, IN

Education: IUPUI

Interests: Baking, movie night and date night

Fun Fact: Drives UBER for late night pickups

Kids/Pets: son-Carter

Taylore Almeda

Dental Assistant, Care Coordinator

From: Anchorage Alaska

Education: Expanded Function Dental Assisting Certificate from Indiana University School of Dentistry, BS, IUPUI

Interests: Hiking and plants

Fun Fact: Fosters animals regularly

Kids/Pets: Four dogs – Iris, Hobbes, Wilma, and Henry. Two cats – Wallace and Oscar

Jazmin Diaz

Dental Assistant

From: Chicago

Education: Attending IUPUI – working on her degree in Biology

Interests: Volleyball, spending time with family, music and concerts

Fun Fact: She has dual Citizenship in the US and Mexico

Kids/Pets: Cat named Milo

Najeebullah Halimi

Dental Assistant

From: Kabul, Afghanistan

Education: MD in Dentistry from Zawul University in Kabul Afghanistan

Interests: Dentistry

Fun Fact: Loves to travel

Kids: Wife – Abedah, Kids – Ramin, Sajad, Sahar